Saint Luke's Parish Welcomes Your Support

Saint Luke's welcomes your participation and support through charitable gifts to support the works of the church in Los Gatos and the larger community.

Saint Luke's can accept several kinds of donations:

Donations of any type can directed to the general fund for operating expenses or can be designated to particular programs or areas of outreach or inreach.

Making a Pledge to St. Luke's

Members are asked to pledge an amount they can give to Saint Luke's during the calendar year to be used for operating expenses of the facilities and programs. The pledge is very important because it is used by the church leadership to determine the kinds and level of activities that can be supported during the year. Payment of a pledge can be weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. The pledge card is typically used to communicate the member's commitment to the church, and is personal and confidential. Pledge cards are sent to the Treasurer at the church office or via email to

Types of Gifts

Undesignated gifts are placed to the general operating budget support the programs, staff and facilities at Saint Luke's. All pledge commitments are made to general operating budget.

Designated gifts can be assigned by the donor to be used exclusively for a special purpose. As an example, members make designated gifts to support the Saint Luke's Pantry, Buildings and Grounds, maintenance of the columbarium, the music program, altar flowers, support for the Santa Maria Urban Ministry and many other areas of program or ministry. Please contact the office if you wish to make a specially designated gift.

Cash Donations

Donations of cash can be made directly from our website through PayPal. Depending on your wishes, payment can come from any credit card or from your checking account.

With donations of cash through PayPal, we ask for your shipping address to be able to acknowledge your gift as a charitable contribution to Saint Luke's Episcopal Church, Los Gatos, CA and your designated program.

Give to
Saint Luke's Church
Give to
The Pantry Program
at Saint Luke's Church
Give to
Santa Maria Urban Ministry

OR you can give by Credit/Debit or directly from your bank account through Realm, our church information system: CLICK HERE

Donations by check should be made payable to Saint Luke's Episcopal Church, noting any special designation in the Memo section, and mailed to our office at 20 University Ave, Los Gatos, CA 95030.

It is important to note that recent IRS regulations require that all cash donations must be documented by the receiving charitable organization in order to be taken as a deductible charitable donation. We recommend that you provide your name and contact details as necessary for all gifts of currency.

Stock Donations

Gifts of stock, especially appreciated stock, may have benefit to both the donor and to Saint Luke's. Typically, if the donor transfers the stock directly to Saint Luke's without selling it, the donor can take the full value of the stock as a charitable deduction, and will not have to pay capital gains taxes on any appreciation.

Information about donations of appreciated stock can be found here.

Donating Items of Value

Saint Luke's may also accept items of value as a charitable donation. There are so many criteria involved in accepting items generally, Saint Luke's has established a Gift Acceptance Policy for determining the acceptability of these. If you have an item that you wish to donate, such as real estate, vehicles, jewelery, unlisted securities, etc., please contact the office to be contacted by the Gift Acceptance Committee. They will speak to you to review the policies and determine how best to work with your gift.

Gifts Through an Estate Plan

Another excellent way to support Saint Luke's is through a designation of a gift, or bequest, in your will. Other opportunities allow the donor to give now and continue to receive income from the gift through various financial vehicles such as Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs). Saint Luke's works with the El Camino Foundation and the Episcopal Church Foundation in creating these gift arrangements. Please contact the church office for information.

Thank you for considering a gift to Saint Luke's. We welcome whatever size gift you wish to make, and appreciate your support.