St. Luke’s Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a ministry that cares for sacred vessels and the vestments used during the church services and the special sacraments of the church. It also includes taking care of the linens and baking the bread used during the Eucharist. The Altar Guild is a wonderful ministry and provides a deeper understanding of the Eucharistic Sacrament.

Those on the Altar Guild are wonderful parishioners who work behind the scenes each week to set up for the services and keep St. Luke’s beautiful and running smoothly the whole year. The Altar teams take care of the Altars, vessels, vestments, flowers, and hymn board, and ensure the Sanctuary looks beautiful and reverent each Sunday and throughout the liturgical seasons, including Advent, Christmas, Holy Week, and Easter. The linen team provides clean and pressed linens each week and the Holy Bread team bakes the bread used each week at the service.

The Rector is the head of the guild and meetings are scheduled throughout the year to coordinate the seasons. Training is provided for anyone wishing to join any of the teams.

If you would like additional information concerning the Altar Guild please email the Church office at