We offer three opportunities for communal worship:

  • 10am Sunday Holy Eucharist, live-streamed via YouTube with sermon and hymns, followed by coffee hour.
  • 5pm Saturday Courtyard Holy Eucharist.
  • 9am Daily Morning Prayer via Facebook Live Mondays–Saturdays.

Liturgy at St. Luke’s

Liturgy is foundational to our identity at St. Luke’s, and perhaps how we are best known in the diocese. Our worship is traditional Anglo-Catholic, with a formality we like to think of as solemn but unpretentious. We take great care in offering a prayerful experience that creates space for meditation, singing, adoration, and even laughter.

That said, each of our weekend services has its distinct personality:

  • 5pm Saturday is a scruffy, informal, gather-around-the-altar affair, pet-friendly and attractive to young families
  • 10am Sunday is traditional Episcopal worship: choir, chanting, bells, and often incense.

At all times, we strive to “worship God in the beauty of holiness,” balancing solemnity with joyful song and hearty preaching, using the Book of Common Prayer, the 1982 Hymnal, and other church resources to guide us.