Donating Stock

For most people, favorable tax consequences are available for donating appreciated stock directly to Saint Luke’s.

Donating and moving the stock directly to Saint Luke’s allows you to take a full tax deduction on the value of the stock at the time of the donation regardless of acquisition cost. By donating to Saint Luke’s you can also avoid the taxes you would pay on the capital gains!

Please consult your tax advisor to ensure that this works for your personal tax situation.


1. Instruct your broker to transfer the stock directly to St. Luke’s account at Morgan Stanley. Do not sell the stock! The DTC transfer information and account information the broker needs is

DTC # 0015

Morgan Stanley

Account #: 106 130782

FBO Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church

2. Send an email to to notify us that you have transferred the stock to St. Luke’s.


1. Your brokerage firm will send a confirmation of the transfer to you. Keep this for your tax records.

2. Morgan Stanley sends a stock sales confirmation to Saint Luke’s confirming the sale and the price, usually in 3-5 business days.

3. Morgan Stanley sends a check with the proceeds to Saint Luke’s within 3 business days after the sale has cleared.


Stewardship through a gift of appreciated stock may provide benefit to you and Saint Luke’s. We thank you for your gifts and support.

Please contact the treasurer at for clarification or assistance.