St. Luke’s Welcome & Hospitality Teams

The rector and parishioners of St. Luke’s love introducing newcomers to our faith community. Our Welcome Committee and ushers greet those attending our services for the first time with a welcome gift bag, and Father Ricardo contacts all newcomers to invite them to chat with him about our church. We host a newcomers’ brunch in the spring and the fall to allow new parishioners to get to know each other and ask questions of the rector and long-time members of St. Luke’s. Finally, Father Ricardo provides faith formation opportunities, and he officially welcomes new members at a service every October.

The St. Luke’s Hospitality Team is always ready to assist with our welcome program, and this vital ministry also promotes fellowship for all of our parishioners. The team plans regular social activities such as picnics and dinners as well as larger events such as the rector’s installation. The team also assists at weddings, funerals, baptisms, and other events held at the church. When those services include people who are not St. Luke’s members, the Hospitality Team plays a vital role in providing assistance and making sure the services run smoothly. 

We love to see new faces at St. Luke’s, and we love to bring more smiles to the faces we see every week, so we are truly thankful for these two ministries.